Vacancy Announcement for Social Worker position (Rarieda)

Vacancy Announcement for Social Worker position (1)


Provide quality, comprehensive OVC support i.e. health, education, psychosocial support, economic opportunity, shelter, nutrition, HIV prevention, Social and legal protection, Economic Strengthening e.t.c


R1. Visitation

T.1 Conducts needs assessment for individual OVC and recommend necessary care and support.
T.2 Make referrals and follow up of OVC under support through home and school visits
T.3 Network with other partners to ensure child welfare, wellbeing and survival in the community
T.4 Lead and ensure proper distribution of one time relief services to children in need
T.5 Work with health department to advice on the social issues affecting child health and recommend a care plan for the necessary therapy
T.6 Work with vulnerable families and economic empowerment team to assess and advice on social economic needs of the families
T.7 Maintain child documentation and profiling for all the OVC in the program
T.8 Manage and maintain a profile of donor funding to individual families in need
T.9 Assist the households to come up with a quarterly budget and make follow ups to ensure that the households are incurring expenditure as per the stipulated budget.

R2 Communication support

T.1 Ensure effective and quality communication between children and their respective sponsors through;
• Writing ‘thank you letters’ after receiving a gift e.g Direct family funding if and when received
• Writing a Child Status Progress report on a quarterly basis
• Sending a Christmas gift annually
• Developing a school lists for all school going children at all levels
• Assist in any other communication need between the sponsors and the OVC
T.2 Develop and manage a child profiling system for donors

R3. Child Participation

T.1 Ensure child participation in special events like; the day of the African Child, world

Malaria day, World Aids day, clean up exercises amongst others.
T.2 Train the OVC on different life skills areas and supervise their progress
T.3 Identify challenges that the OVC may be experiencing and identify possible solutions.
T.4 Assist to carry out holistic empowerment of the OVC
T.5 Ensure all caregivers are registered in Village Savings and Loaning groups where they abide by the groups laws and undergo continuous capacity building.
T.6 Properly maintain parent/guardian group lists

R4. Internal Administration
T.1 Writing monthly status reports
T.2 Complete the home visits records as well as OVC information and submit the same to the supervisor
T.3 Assist in Coordinating, monitoring and supervising the implementation of OVC activities
T.4 Write and analyze the field reports before submission to the supervisors
T.5 Attend meetings whenever called for and participate with opinions and ideas.

R5. Other duties and responsibilities

T.1 Actively participate in the Saturday Psycho-Social Support, for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children and build the community’s capacity to eventually run the Saturday PSS on their own.
T.2 Any other duties and responsibilities assigned by the supervisor from time to time and which are geared towards achieving the overall goal of home visitation.


(The knowledge, skills and abilities may be required through a combination of formal schooling, self-education and prior experience or on-the-job-training).
a) Level of education:

Diploma in any Social Science discipline focused on community development.

b) Specialized Training / professional Qualifications
• Computer skills in Word, Excel and Access
• Records Management Training

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