Talent Acquisition and Planning

A.Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

In a volatile and fiercely competitive world, businesses and organizations of all kinds need to identify, recruit and retain talent with impact. Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provides the optimal solution. For us,RPO is about more than just outsourcing the recruitment process. It’s about discovering, delivering and measuring the talent that makes the greatest impact on your business.

Our RPO offering encompasses a whole host of services from across all of our specialist teams, including:

  • Technology assessments,
  • Sourcing strategies,
  • Risk assessments,
  • Hiring plans,
  • Talent communities and brand audits.

It also incorporates custom solutions around change management, vendor management, governance, and metrics and measurement. In essence, it includes all the elements companies need to optimize their recruitment and attract the best talent.

Drawing on a wealth of expertise, a robust global infrastructure and proven processes, our solution delivers a number of key benefits:

  • Better and more cost effective processes
  • Reductions in cost and time to hire and more control over both
  • Access to scalable, flexible talent resources
  • Enhanced employer brand and corporate reputation
  • More responsive workforce planning
  • We’re able to deliver talent with impact because we invest in the best: the best professionals in our industry .

B.Talent Acquisition Advisory
In a fiercely competitive world, there is one constant: talent is essential to business success. The right talent acquisition strategy and process – the ability to identify, attract and retain the best talent who drive business success – can significantly impact competitive advantage.

Lincoln’s Talent Acquisition Advisory services provide a proven process and deep industry expertise to help you assess your talent acquisition strategy, identify needs, and prioritize next steps in improving your talent acquisition operations. With this strategic insight and direction, we can help your organization address key business needs such as: streamlining operations, aligning to your business goals, reducing costs and gaining competitive advantage.

By leveraging our proprietary methodology, we evaluate your talent acquisition function against industry best practices and develop a roadmap for future improvement.

C.Project Recruitment
We understands that the world is unpredictable. Successful businesses plan for the future, but the future has a habit of throwing up curve balls: situations in which you need to recruit talent in a niche specialism, or a part of the world where you have limited access to the best. This is where our project recruitment solutions can make the difference.

Utilizing a tried and tested recruitment methodology, we have the capability to deliver the right talent in the right numbers and in the right location – over a timeframe agreed in advance with you. Our recruiting consultant teams ensure that the process is seamless, stress-free and constructed to dovetail with your broader talent acquisition strategy.

Lincoln’s project recruitment solutions give you:

  • Dedicated support – a team leader who manages all outsourcing on your behalf, from talent sourcing and research through screening and selection
  • A bespoke recruitment strategy – tailored to meet your needs and match your culture and processes
  • Time-sensitive recruitment processes – delivering the right talent in good time, with no compromises on quality or efficiency

L.E.S.T Recruitment Process Cycle


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Why use our Recruitment Solutions?

  1. Charges are only incurred after successful placement
  2. Rigorous testing of candidates
  • Extensive experience in multi-level positions and diverse industries
  1. Cost Effective-with cost share options!
  2. Dedicated and world class service

Some of the highly specialized and hard to fill positions we have successfully sourced for clients over the last one year include:

  1. E.O- College of Surgeons Of East, Central and Southern Africa(COSECSA)-Arusha Tanzania
  2. Supplier Quality Officer(Mechanical Engineering) Mobius Motors-The only vehicle manufacturing company in Kenya
  3. Industrial Chemist- Soillex Prosolve
  4. Marine Engineering Estimator-Southern Engineering Company Ltd- The only ship building company in Kenya.
  5. Design Office Manager- Southern Engineering Company Ltd
  6. Architectural Interior Designer- Southern Engineering Company Ltd
  7. Mechanical Design Engineer- Southern Engineering Company Ltd

Recruitment Terms:

  1. Charges are as per a rate card that shall be provided to an interested employer by a representative of the company.
  2. Incomplete Recruitment due to process cancellation by the client shall be charged at a prorated rate by the company as per the following guidance:
    1. After shortlisting: 30% of the total cost
    2. After the first interview: 40% of the total interview
    3. After the 2nd interview and reference checks: 70% of the cost
    4. Note: The balance of the total amount shall be paid after the processed is finally resumed and completed.
  3. Payment of services shall be made in favour of Lincoln Education Services within fourteen (14) days of  invoicing
  4. Lincoln Education Services Ltd shall undertake replacement of candidates recruited by them on behalf of Pong Agencies Limited if it so happens they leave employment before the lapse of ninety (90) days at no extra cost to Pong Agencies Limited, if it established that the leave was not as a direct or indirect result of breach of contractual terms by Pong Agencies Ltd
  5. All communication with candidates prior to recruitment shall be done through Lincoln Education Services Ltd unless circumstances demand otherwise.