Strategies and Research

Our deep industry knowledge coupled with our close partnerships with clients enable us to bring fresh perspectives and creative thinking to the problems we solve. Our entrepreneurial spirit drives us to continually discover better ways to address clients’ needs, ultimately effecting positive change for them, for their industries and for the world.
Lincoln Education Services was created by entrepreneurs who had a different vision of how to run a consulting firm and was built on a heritage of thought leadership and a tradition of pioneering new approaches to solving client problems. Today we still strive to advance better ways to help our clients succeed and continually challenging ourselves to do things differently to do them better.

We ensure our work has lasting benefit by developing a close bond with our clients and being deeply committed to their success. We take a very hands-on approach to our work and collaborate across all levels of client organizations, from the boardroom to the front line. We understand that real, sustainable impact is always our end goal, and that only by working closely with our clients can we achieve this level of change. We roll up our sleeves and fully partner with our clients.

Services Include:

  • Develop policy documents and briefs
  • Carrying out research for corporates and governments.
  • Undertake feasibility studies for projects for NGOs and governments
  • Develop strategic plans and performance contracts
  • Carry out baseline and other surveys for NGOs and County Governments.