Community Health Extension Worker (CHEW) (1)


Facilitate a 2-year exit strategy with Community Units following MoH Community Health Strategy in partnership with fellow Community Health Extension Workers, Community Health Worker, Community Health Committees and Health Facility Management Committees. Carry out basic health evaluations and co-facilitate health training activities.


R1. Child Level

T.1 Carry out nutritional assessments for OVCs in liaison with CHEW-Nutritionist and in partnership with CHWs, District Nutritionist and other partners in development.
T.2 Through spot check visits, monitor health of malnourished OVCs on a supplemental feeding programme in liaison with CHEW-Nutritionist and in partnership with CHWs.
T.3 Engage relevant community stakeholders to become active participants in a community referral system that links children to local clinics for health care and disease prevention.
T.4 Train and mentor CHWs on how to make referrals for survivors of sexual and/or physical abuse.
T.5 Recommend and/or refer children with other and/or special medical needs for further care.

R2. Caregiver/Family Level

T.1 Provide nutritional counseling and medical advice to families.
T.2 Provide group counseling to families and caregivers on general health matters.
T.3 Coordinate HIV and RH activities including Counseling, Referrals, and Home Based Care.
T.4 Refer families whose OVCs are on supplemental feeding to the internal agricultural staff and external partners through the Grant coordinator to improve their food security.

R3. Community & Systems Level

T.1 Facilitate health and medical training programs for teachers to improve their understanding and teaching aptitude for health and medical matters.
T.2 Monitor home-based care providers
T.3 Assess aptitudes of various local clinics and present recommendations on the clinic’s training needs and priority areas of support with the aim of achieving a minimum standard for health care to the community.
T.4 Provide back-up support at local health facilities whenever needed.
T.5 Take part in coordinating and co-facilitating health training of CHWs.
T.6 Take part in mentoring CHWs in their work both in the field and through monthly group meetings.
T.7 Monitor their progress and results to ensure effective delivery of disease prevention messages and health clinic referrals.
T.8 Facilitate age appropriate health talks about abstinence, safe sexual behaviors and healthy life decisions through primary and secondary school clubs.
T.9 Advice other grant staff on the right crops to promote within the community so as to address nutritional challenges.
T.10 Carry out medical camps from time to time in conjunction with other grant staff.

R4. Internal Administration

T.1 Provide quality and timely delivery of all grant reports, in their agreed format and deadlines.
T.2 Maintain follow-up system to ensure efficient processes.
T.3 Maintain and keep up to date and accurate field records and reports of activities and beneficiaries according to the organization’s M&E reporting requirements.
T.4 Actively maintain the internal referral system to ensure beneficiaries are provided with maximum support from the organisation’s various expertise.
T.5 Ensure continuous inventory and control of medical equipments and drugs within the organization’s drug store and drug kits in liaison with the Grant Coordinator.
T.6 Maintain a database of medical needs which require the organization’s attention through the Health Coordinator

R5. Other Duties and Responsibilities

T.1 Actively participate in the Psycho-Social Support, especially by offering medical services for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children in the program and build the community’s capacity to eventually run the Saturday PSS on their own.
T.2 Perform any other duties and responsibilities which may be assigned by the management from time to time and which are related to the achievement of the organization’s mission and vision.


(The knowledge, skills and abilities may be required through a combination of formal schooling, self-education and prior experience or on-the-job-training).

a) Level of education

At least a Diploma in Public Health or Community Health.
Candidates with background in Nursing, clinical medicine or Medical Lab are also welcome to apply but they must have additional training or experience in Community Development.

b) Other competencies:

• Must have developed good intercultural orientation and strong public relations skills.
• Should possess strong communication, negotiation and administration skills.
• Should have a valid Motorbike license and be able to ride the motorbike.
• For medical practioners, must be registered with relevant professional bodies and must hold a valid medical practice license.

c) Job experience:

At least three (3) years experience in a similar position.

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